Saturday, 10 March 2018

THE SNIPER A short story by Liam O'Flaherty

The Sniper is a short story by Irish writer Liam O'Flaherty published in 1923. It is set during the Irish Civil War.

­čôľ   Read The Sniper here  

Questions on the story (print and answer)

Monday, 5 February 2018

The Imitation Game

Alan Mathison Turing, OBE, FRS was a British pioneering computer scientist, mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, philosopher, mathematical biologist, and marathon and ultra distance runner. (wikipedia)

Alan Turing aged 16


After watching the film The Imitation Game, you will no doubt be interested in learning more about such a fascinating person.

For information about Bletchley Park, visit: BBC HIstory

 Joan Clarke plays an important role in Turin's life, but who was the real Joan Clarke?

The film depicts the life of Alan Turing, but how accurate is it?

Quotes from the film

Monday, 9 October 2017


When shall we meet again? 
In Thunder, lightning or in rain?

When the hurlyburly's done,
When the battle's lost and won 

...and thus the play begins.

Act I (scenes 1-3)

Reading Assignments

 Friday 24th November
Acts V 
Tuesday 28th  November

Oral Presentations

Your assignment for this term speaking exam will be  a 5 to ten-10 minute oral presentation on any topic you choose. Make sure you choose a topic you know well and you think may be of interest to the class.
It is important that you use some visual aids to enhance your presentation.
Your presentation will be assessed not only by your teacher, but by your classmates as well.
Tips about giving presentations:
  • Explain the structure of your presentation at the beginning so that your listeners know what to expect.
  •  Use clear, simple language. Do not use too many technical words. If you do, write them on the board.
  • Make sure you understand everything you are saying and can pronounce all the words.
  • Use your own words and  DO NOT learn by heart.
  • Do not read from your notes.
  • Speak clearly and make sure everyone can understand you.
  • Use interesting material to illustrate your presentation, but do not overload your audience.
  • Be aware of your body language. Look audience in the eye. Stand up straight.
  • Breathe! (It helps you relax)
Here are some more tips to help you:


These are some of the points your teacher will be looking at:
  • Use of English: grammar / vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • Clarity and fluency
  • Use of visual aids
  • Is your presentation well prepared and rehearsed?
  • Is it interesting? 

Watching others speak in  public is also a good idea. Ted Talks has hundreds of talks on every topic by adults and teenagers and even children. You can choose the topic, the language, whether you want to  watch it with or without subtitles... It is a great  site to practice your English.

Here are two examples:
A 12-year-old app developer

Gaming can make a better world

Saturday, 25 March 2017


To help you prepare for the exam, here are some quizzes:


Lois Lowry, author of The Giver, talks about her novel.

What does Lois Lowry find puzzling?

Lowry says that she wanted readers to feel initially that the society of The Giver was a good place to live. How does she achieve that? How does our perception of that society change as the story progresses?

In what way have  Lowry's parents inspired her to write The Giver?
Why do we need bad memories?

The Giver. Watch the movie trailer.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Listen to a talk by Ken Robinson and then complete the tasks

Now write down :
  • two anecdotes 
  • something you found funny
  • three things you found interesting 
  • a quote 
  • a summary of the talk (brief)
  • your personal opinion

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Growing up black in America

Imagine strangers crossing the street to avoid you, imagine the police arbitrarily stopping you, imagine knowing people fear you because of the color of your skin.  

Watch the video. What experiences do they talk about. Try to write down some of them?